About Us

Tammy Alexander, President

Randi Juarez, Vice President

Pamela Wilson, Secretary

Kelly Thompson, Treasurer

PurposeTo serve and educate the public about the criminal justice system in Illinois and to aid and assist persons who have been wrongfully convicted of crimes in the State of Illinois in achieving a just outcome.

Methods:  To achieve the purpose above, Justice for Illinois’ Wrongfully Convicted will use as many methods of communication as possible.  Such methods will include:

  • Educate the general public about junk science, faulty eye witness identification, prosecutorial overreaching, police misconduct, media distortions, and unfair criminal justice practices,
  • Provide resources for those that seek to support low income individuals who are wrongfully convicted of criminal conduct,
  • Promote reform of the criminal justice system in Illinois,
  • To act as a sponsor for community groups supporting the innocent for charitable, scientific, educational, or literary purposes.


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